Button Microphone (22.C04027) EVENTURE: Custom Canopy (Artwork Required) (09.017000)
Button Microphone (22.C04027)EVENTURE: Custom Canopy (Artwork Required) (09.017000)

This button microphone is our recommended solution for capturing audio for uswe with the VIP (Video Internet & Photo) output.

This is a custom canopy for the Eventure photo booth. NOTE: Turnaround time = 2 WEEKS for domestic US orders only. International orders will take longer. See full description for custom logo image requirements.

EVENTURE: Dye-Sub Conversion Kit (53.C07001) EVENTURE: Lumbar Support Rod (12.007108)
EVENTURE: Dye-Sub Conversion Kit (53.C07001)EVENTURE: Lumbar Support Rod (12.007108)
This kit includes all the metal-fabricated parts needed to convert the Eventure booth from ink-jet to dye-sublimation printing.

NOT INCLUDED (but required):
* Sony UP-CX1 dye-sublimation printer (+ $800.00)
* Dye-sub media + media card (Price varies depending on quantity)

This optional item can be used to add additional lumbar support to the Eventure portable photo booth.

EVENTURE: Replacement Curtain Kit (30.007000) EVENTURE: Replacement Generic Canopy (09.007000)
EVENTURE: Replacement Curtain Kit (30.007000)EVENTURE: Replacement Generic Canopy (09.007000)

Includes (2) side curtains and (1) front drape.

This is a generic replacement canopy for the Eventure photo booth. It has the default "Silhouette" design.

EVENTURE: Tripod (12.007118) EVENTURE: Wireless Remote Control (27.007011)
EVENTURE: Tripod (12.007118)EVENTURE: Wireless Remote Control (27.007011)

This custom tripod is especially made for use with the Eventure portable photobooth.

Replacement Wireless Remote Control (transmitter and USB receiver) in leatherette case.

Verizon Wireless Aircard Transfer Form (US only) (27.000720) EVENTURE: Replacement Hardware Kit (17.C07102)
Verizon Wireless Aircard Transfer Form (US only) (27.000720)EVENTURE: Replacement Hardware Kit (17.C07102)

Please click for details (US Customers only).

This kit contains a complete set of canopy hardware including screw knobs, nuts, safety pins, and extra washers.